Chica moves from Twitch

Chica is a popular twitch streamer, with a following of 2.3 million on Twitch. She is most known for playing Fortnite and has created a strong fanbase over the years. Her main streaming platform to play Fortnite is Twitch but that may change soon. 


So far in 2023, Twitch has been in a lot of contentious situations. Following their recent breakups with streamers Adin Ross and Trainwreck, they aren't off to a great start with the year just beginning. Twitch is heavily receiving backlash for removing Chica's "chicaL" emote on the platform. 

As shown in Chica's tweet, the emote was removed for targeted insults, bullying and threatening or inciting abuse. This decision and past decisions from other streamers has questioned people about Twitch's policies. Therefore Chica has mentioned on moving to Twitch's rival company, Kick which has been getting a lot of recognition from popular streamers. It isn't final yet, but Chica may find a new home to stream.