Can you believe that Apple's app store had over 1.7 million apps in 2022?

According to a 2022 App Store Transparency Report, Apple had a total of 1,783,232 apps available on the App Store. This report was published as part of Apple's $100 million settlement with App Store developers in 2021 and aimed to provide meaningful statistics about the app review process.

In the report, Apple shared various insights, such as the number of app submissions reviewed, which was 6,101,913, and the number of rejections, which amounted to 1,679,694. Additionally, the report included details on the reasons for app rejections, apps removed from the store categorized by their nature, and apps removed due to government takedown demands.

The report also revealed that there were 36,974,015 registered Apple developers, and Apple terminated 428,487 developer accounts. Moreover, it indicated that the average weekly number of customer accounts searching the App Store was 373,211,396, highlighting the substantial number of people exploring the store on a regular basis.