Spider- Man 2

There is a lot of information to fill in for the new Spider- Man 2 game releasing on PS5. For starters, the voice actor for venom accidentally revealed some important information. He tweeted the aiming date for the game is September. Moments after fans saw the news, he then deleted it. The game has been in the works for about a year so it seems that Insomniac is taking its time to provide a quality video game for their fans. The game will only be exclusive to PS5 users only.

Spider-Man 2

Rumored villians in the game are Lizard, Mysterio and the Sin- Eater. Confirmed villains are Venom and Kraven the Hunter. Not only will Venom be the main protagonist in the sequel, the game may be involved with the Multiverse. The Miles Morales action figure was exposed to CBR revealing that Miles Morales "discovers allies and enemies across the multiverse- and at home in New York" on the back of the figure's box. This may refer to the Multiverse being revealed in the game. Though the game has a lot that is already revealed, there may be more coming since its release is this fall coming.