The Last of Us


          "The Last of Us" is a popular video game that was adapted into a TV series by HBO. The first season of the show was released in 2021, and it was well-received by both fans of the game and critics.

          Season 2 has been officially renewed and creators are preparing for more than one season. Since "Part II" of the video game is pertaining to a more elaborate narrative, the show could possibly be looking forward to producing 2 or even 3 more seasons. "It's more than one season" said Neil Druckmann after being asked if "Part II" will be in the entirety of season 2. 


          Since season 2 of the show has been renewed, "No one could have anticipated this reaction and how positive it's been and how broad it's been in its reach" Druckmann stated. After season 1, the show has received lots of positivity and good reviews after being compared to the video game. This may cause an ongoing amount of seasons for the T.V show.